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Where to begin:

Start with our FAQ:
Parents & guardians: basic, simple, helpful information to get you started in England (see support tab for other areas)
Other support:
Join our FB Forum: Our main national forum with nearly 7,000 members
Find a local or specialist forum: Listing dozens of local forums and groups, many that meet regularly.
Books to help Educational Heretics Press publishes books, useful to home educators.
Videos A selection that may help you understand how and why people home educate.

Is your child being Bullied?

Did your school "off roll"your children ?

Bullying remains the main issue for those parents who withdraw their children from school to home educate. Of those who ever sent their child to a school to educate, 45% report bullying as a reason for the move and it's higher among those children who have SEN issues.

Home education can be a part of the solution, but if you are still exploring solutions, Here are some organisations who support bullied children.


Off Rolling is either when parents are coerced to remove their children from the school register or when they are simply removed without parental consent.

Schools do this when children present them with challenges such as; attendance, behaviour, projected poor achievement or SEND's, which the school is unable or unwilling to meet.

If home education has been misrepresented to you by a school, or your child has been off-rolled without your consent, please contact me with the details in confidence. Thank you. You should also contact your Local authority and explain what has happened. If they fail to help you can approach your MP. If you still have problems, you should get legal assistance.

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