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What is Home Education?

Home Education is far more like University than school. It's about being curios about something, formulating a question or thought and researching it. The parents roll is to facilitate that journey.

It doesn't really matter too much what the child is curios about, the trick, is about developing that curiosity, kindling it like a precious flame follow it, research it and ultimately develop the critical thinking skills necessary to formulate new ideas for it to become a raging inferno.

That sounds complicated perhaps, but it's really not. It's what all parents do for their children especially when they're small. Every time a child asks a question it's part of a journey. When you facilitate the child's next step on her rout to discovery you, facilitate her movement along the path.

If parents see themselves not as teachers but as facilitators of children on a journey of discovery and development, they will see progress they didn't imagine possible. It's exciting and fun but it's also scary.

Scary because as a parent you've been led to believe children need to be steered along a certain path, that there's a set of knowledge all children should have. But if that's not the child's path, or if it's a part of a journey your child has not yet encountered, you're effectively imposing your ideas and run the risk of alienating your child from the learning process, suppressing their curiosity for your imposed notions of what they need.

How often have you heard a child ask "what's the point in this?" Far too many I suspect. Spark a child's curiosity, facilitate their journey of discovery, put the child behind the wheel and they will take responsibility for their own course and progress, because they are intrinsically motivated to satisfy their curiosity.

For the overwhelming majority of parents, this is the beuty of home education. By answering questions they themselves pose, they retain what they learn because it's part of their own journey. Something they questioned themsevles.

The Supremacy of the Family - & Why.

“The totalitarian state tries to separate the child from her family and mould her to its own design. Families in all their subversive variety are the breeding ground of diversity and individuality.

Hence the family is given special protection in all the modern human rights… The child is not the mere creature of the State.”

Baroness Hale, President of the Supreme Court

Flexischooling Petition

link to flexischooling petition petition

We have set up a petition allowing parents to flexischool their children for one day a week for the coming (2020-2021) school year to allow children, where they need it, space to deal with a return to school flexibly. See more here.

Corona Virus School Closures - Home Education support

If you are a family affected by school closures due to the Corona Virus, the home education community has created a FB forum just for you.

The idea is that experienced home educators will be on hand to help with any issue relating to your child's education at home. We can't promise to be able to answer every question, but many of the issues you will face will already have been dealt with by home educators who are the experts at educating in the home. The group is the Home Education UK School Closure Support Forum. now with over five thousand members

InterHigh - Inform LA's about HE families on registration

I have been informed by InterHigh that they continue to routinely pass families private information to Local Authorities, regardless of their acceptance that home education does not constitute a safeguarding concern. Their statement says:

“we will proactively contact Local Authorities during the registration of a new pupil to ensure the safety of pupils” and we “will ensure that the Local Authority is aware that a pupil is being home educated.”

The InterHigh statement then goes on to say

"we know that there is no correlation between home education and safeguarding risk."

Any family considering using InterHigh services should consider the implications of this statement very carefully.

LG Ombudsman rules against routine visits

The Local Government Ombudsman ruled that councils must be clear with parents of home educated children whether a home visit is routine or triggered by concerns following Leicester City's attempt to initiate actions based on anticipating, future government proposals currently being considered.

Educational Heretics Press

EHP publishes books and kindles on many topics related to home education and learning systems that are alternative or complimentary to state schooling. Including books on how and why home educators home educate.

book cover

A great introduction to alternative education.

Many EHP books are available as Kindles, at low prices and you don't need a kindle to read them, there are app's for all brands of smart phone and tablet. Build your own library of 'read anywhere

Home Education - a Human Right

"The respect of parent's freedom to educate their children according to their vision of what education should be has been part of international human rights standards since their very emergence."

(The Special Rapporteur to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights 8th April 1999)

Parents are responsible for the education of their offspring regardless of whether they are in school or out of it. In law the right to an education is an obligatory right, it may neither be denied to, nor refused by, a child.

Thus since children may not refuse education and there is no academic consensus on what constitutes an effective education, we believe that the state must be flexible in defining what a 'suitable' education is.

While the law expresses the right to home educate as a parental right, it is my belief that, in the same way that young people have the right to decide upon medical procedures, a specific education should not be imposed upon them. This is not only right in principle but in practice, since intrinsically motivated learning will most readily "achieve that which it sets out to achieve". Learning cannot be imposed.

Download a Free Poster

Many parents remain unaware that home education is legal, or if they are aware, where to find support. This poster could be put up anywhere parents and children might benefit.

a3 poster download

Download a poster today,

print it, pin it.

Help other children learn freely

A4 Poster download

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